Nowhere is off limits to your professional kitchen

“This equipment will enable catering businesses to comply with Health and Safety legislation together with HSE guidance on Ventilation in Catering Kitchens.”

“Reco-Air unit noise levels are very low. Casing radiated noise levels are between 54 and 57 dBA when measured at 1m (free field).”

“Reco-Air is our preferred extraction system, even where a convention route is available.”

“The total CO2e and financial savings associated with the Reco-Air system are considerable ... Against a backdrop of rising energy prices, and increased Corporate Social Responsibility, measures that reduce carbon emissions should be encouraged.”

Air Cleanliness Study by

Site: The Waterside, Imperial Wharf, Chelsea
Equipment: RA1.5
Date of test: 31/03/2015
Report Reference: VA-RBF-50189-Rev2

Report summary

The air quality from Reco-Air system is very clean and maintains a level of around ISO Class 7-8 for smaller particles. The larger particles are arrested during cooking periods and for these sizes ISO class 5-8 is seen.

This means that the air returning from the Reco-Air unit is around a thousand times cleaner than typical atmospheric conditions.

Reco-Air removes:

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