» Reco-Air significantly reduces fire risk by eliminating duct work to atmosphere. 

Reduce fire risk

Cost saving

» Reco-Air reduces CAPEX       investment by eliminating fire-rated duct work to atmosphere, reducing construction and installation costs with easy assembly and flat pack options.

» Traditional extract duct work requires regular specialist cleaning and accessing duct systems is often difficult and costly.

» Reco-Air can reduce utility usage and plant requirement, making it a cost efficient alternative to traditional extract.

» Catering kitchens and food preparation facilities produce emissions containing contaminants currently expelled to atmosphere by traditional extract.

» Reco-Air units can be located internally or externally, adjacent to or remote from the point of canopy extraction. The unit can be hung within ceiling voids giving flexibility to equipment layout and also eliminating the requirement for certain planning processes.

» Reco-Air units are easily retro-fitted or relocated. 

» Fire Officer
» Air Quality Consultant
» Acoustic Consultant
» Building Control Officer
» Environmental Health Officer
» Food Standards Agency
» City of Westminster:    
   APPROVED alternative to high
   level kitchen extract


How Reco-Air works

Emissions control

Flexible locations

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