Nowhere is off limits to your professional kitchen
Reco-Air manufacture commercial kitchen extraction systems.

No requirement for route to atmosphere

Reco-Air units work at the heart of a kitchen ventilation system serving all electric catering equipment and achieving complete recirculation of exhaust air with no requirement for route to atmosphere.

Patented technology removes particulates and odours and returns air independently certified as clean to.

Significantly reducing fire risk by eliminating long duct runs to atmosphere, simplifying planning procedures and providing opportunities to install kitchen operations in previously unfeasible locations.

Clients trust our air-handling systems:

"The air quality from Reco-Air system is very clean and maintains a level of around ISO Class 7-8 for smaller particles. The larger particles are arrested during cooking periods and for these sizes ISO class 5-8 is seen.


This means that the air returning from the Reco-Air unit is around a thousand times cleaner than typical atmospheric conditions."

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