Our Reco-Air Units are available in 8 Standard sizes, covering an extraction air flow range of 0.5 cu.m/sec to 3.6 cu.m/sec, with models offering 4 different configurations, as below: 

  • Floor mounting

  • Ceiling void mounting

  • Double stacked external

  • Double stacked internal

Reco-Air Standard Model


In its Standard format, the Reco-Air unit is the innovative, approved alternative to traditional extraction systems. This model delivers all of the beneficial features described in the other sections of this website. All units are built to order and in a variety of sizes, as detailed within the Technical Table herein, each of them matched to an individual kitchen’s extraction requirements.


Reco-Air HP Model


The High Performance (HP) version delivers all of the benefits of the Standard Model, but features upgraded filtration & controls to deal with higher discharge temperatures & higher concentrations of smoke. These products are usually associated with cooking on a Griddle, Chargrill or Broiler, for example, when cooking hamburgers, marinated meats, steaks etc.


Reco-Air UL Model


This version delivers all of the benefits of the Standard Model but incorporates some design enhancements to meet compliance with the Underwriters Laboratory of America (UL). This permits the system to be installed in the United States of America and in other locations around the world, which have adopted the UL standard for their own approval process, such as Airport Authorities.


Enhanced Fire Safety


Every Reco-Air model greatly increases the level of fire safety when compared with traditional extraction methods. Where there is a specific requirement for additional Fire Safety measures to be implemented, any of the above Reco-Air models can be designed, in conjunction with the Client’s Design Team, to incorporate an enhanced level of fire safety. For example, units can be engineered to include the integration of fire dampers and/or automatic fire suppression systems.

For Reco-Air model dimensions & weights, and to discuss your specific needs, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.





  1. All Standard Models (S) available as floor mounted.

  2. All Standard Models available for internal or external application.

  3. UL – Underwriter’s Laboratories compliant.

  4. DSI - Double Stacked Internal.

  5. DSE – Double stacked External.

  6. Dimensions & weights for each configuration available on application.

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