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The approvals described below have been obtained for the use of the Reco-Air system in the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and the Rest of the World.


As our Global Sales Market develops, additional Local Approvals will be achieved to maintain compliance.

  • United Kingdom Patent

  • DW/172: 2018  -  the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) official specification for commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Approves recirculation to Reco-Air’s patented specification 

  • TR 19  -  Guide to Good Practice in the Building Regulations for England and Wales

  • City of Westminster EHO for Central London: approved in their planning guidelines as a permitted alternative to high-level roof-line ducted extraction

  • Other UK Local Authority approvals: including Building Control Departments and Environmental Health Departments 

  • Airport Authorities: approved for installations at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester and Dublin Airports

  • Network Rail: approved for use in station food & beverage operations and specified in Network Rail’s Tenant Handbook 

  • TfL: Transport for London. Reco-Air approved for use by food and beverage operators in underground stations / ticket halls 


  • Air quality consultant: Validair Ltd.:       
    "The air quality from Reco-Air system is very clean and maintains a level of around ISO Class 7-8 for smaller particles. The larger particles are arrested during cooking periods and for these sizes ISO class 5-8 is seen. This means that the air returning from the Reco-Air unit is around a thousand times cleaner than typical atmospheric conditions."

  • Acoustic consultant: Applied Acoustic Design Ltd.: 
    "Reco-Air unit noise levels are very low. Casing radiated noise from standard units are between 54 to 57 dBA when measured at 1m (free field), depending on size of the unit and exact configuration."

  • C E European Conformity  -  compliant

  • The Underwriters Laboratory of America 


This organisation, based in Chicago, is the leading testing and approval body in the United States. Without their approval, known as ‘UL Certification’,  equipment of any type in use in the USA would not be covered by any insurance policy.

Our Reco-Air products were tested to the UL710b Standard and recently have been reclassified to YYXS2 Recognised Components. Reco-Air UL units (available upon request) are approved for High Risk cooking in High Risk locations.


Additionally, its UL 710b Certification is recognised in many other countries as the ‘gold standard’ of approval in the absence of a similar certification body in their own country, most particularly for international airports and travel hubs.


A Reco-Air system was sent to the Underwriters Laboratory facility in Chicago and after 102 tests over 8 months a certification was issued in late 2017.

  • National Fire Protection Association - NFPA Section 13

This organisation creates and maintains private, copyrighted standards and codes for usage and adoption by local governments throughout the USA.

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